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*** Mr. Narendra Modi's terrorism and powerless RSS ..... By - Dr. Milind Jiwane

*** Mr. Narendra Modi’s Terrorism and Powerless RSS …..

                Recently the polling of 543 Lok Sabha constituencies’ seats came to an end with completion of ninth and final phase and wonderful polling percentage has been seen.  Even on the same day, the exit polls showing their projection in favor of BJP led NDA and the traditional ruling Congress led UPA will be shown in down.  Before closing the election polls, I was discussed with my group members on the issue of coming political result. According to my opinion, BJP led NDA may get 250-260 seats and it will not be possible to reach 272 target. But the coming Government in Centre will be formed by Mr. Narendra Modi and different central & state leaders may join with him without any bargaining. These leaders may be Ms. Mayavati’s BSP, Ms. Mamta’s TMC, and Ms. Jay Lalita’s ADMK and so on. Why so, I was given different reasons in that group discussion. But our group’s members were not in favor of my conclusion. According to them, Mr. Modi and his BJP team can’t cross 200 – 220 figures and RSS will never be accepting him as PM. If BJP may reach in the target, they may introduce to either Mr. Nitin Gadkari or Mr. Rajnath Singh and no any one other.  But I have seen the exit poll figures after that; it is not matched with my conclusion.          
                Now let us discuss on another issue about coming posting of Mr. Narendra Modi. Most of the opposition Indian mass leaders are seen worried about Modi’s future political policies and decisions. According to my opinion, either congress or BJP political ruling party will be the same in nature. If you are accepting Congress Raj then don’t be worried about BJP. This is not the 1st regime of BJP, who will take charge of central Government.  You have seen the Raj of BJP under controlled by Mr. Atal Bihari Bajpeyi or Janata Party led government regime under leadership of Mr. Morara ji Desai, Mr. V.P singh, Mr. Indrakumar Gujral, H.D. Devegouda and so on. What’s the problems arising before you! The question is, the people are aware or not. Now Mr Narendra Modi will repeat the history of Gujarat in PM posting.  Yes, there are some controversial decisions in favor of Hindus has been taken by Mr. Modi in his Chief Minister regime of Gujarat and some anti decisions taken against the  minorities and reserved class. For that, Mr. Modi has been seen hero of Hindu RSS but he seems to be enemy of minority and reserved groups. Due to such anti social activities of Mr. Modi, American Government has been refused his VISA and not permitted to enter their country. This is the big insult of Indian Gujarat CM Mr. Modi in the international history. This is the big insult of Hindu RSS to in the International history. Will they repeat the same anti social activities in future, if they seat in the central! My answer is “No.” Why my answer is no! … Its reason is the state policies and central policies are different one and it is very difficult task before Mr. Modi, if he will follow the Hindu RSS religious agenda.
                Now, Mr. Narendra Modi may be seen head ace for Hindu RSS. As like the routine cunning nature of Hindu RSS and for this, RSS seems to be dominated by the Indian society, RSS can’t be placed any other their follower like Mr. Nitin Gadkari, Mr. Rajnath Singh or Mr. Shivraj singh Chavan or any other one in place of Mr. Narendra Modi. It seems to be very powerful leader Mr. Modi and powerless organization of Hindu RSS. If Hindu RSS may interfere more in politics Mr Modi or his team can’t be tolerated it. RSS can’t be repeating the powerless power at the time of Mr. Atal Bihar Bajpeyi regime. Mr Bajpeyi has not given more priorities to RSS and its supremo and this history has been seen by the Indian mass.  Mr Modi is different nature man. He never be tolerated any interfere by anybody else in his work. Mr Narendra Modi seems to be more powerful than Brahmin PM Mr. Atal Bihari Bajpeyi.  Mr Modi has shown his power in the selection of candidates for parliamentary elections. BJP supreme seniors leaders‘s seat in LOK Sabha election has been not allotted as their own will. But it was decided by Mr Narendra Modi. Even BJP leaders like Mr. Lal Krisha Adawani, Mr. Rajnath Singh, Mr. Nitin Gadkari, Mrs. Sushama Swaraj, and Mr. Murali Manohar Joshi etc are seen to be surrendered before Mr Modi. This is the wonderful miracle seen in Brahmin visionary BJP by the controlling by non-Brahmin political leader Mr. Modi.
                Regarding the cabinet minister selection issue is concerned; Mr Modi’s decision will be final. RSS never be dared to dictate his order on Mr Modi. This fact is well known by RSS. If Mr Modi would like to expect more and more his powerful, effective, tremendous, wonderful regime, he should have to share to every classes MP including SC/ST/OBC/Minorities and proper share to Brahmins as their limitations in minister posting.  This will be 1st political phase for Mr Modi as a national political leader.  If he gets success in here, other lines will be opened free in future. Regarding decisions, don’t be repeat his Gujarat pattern in here.  There must be give priorities for SC/ST/OBC/Minorities problems and their development. In economic- international policies are concerned, don’t be follow Chanakya or Kautiya niti or Hindu RSS agenda. You appoint Dr. Ambedkar’s Economics policy visionaries for better development of nation and don’t be follow Gandhi’s economy. Otherwise you will be back to pavilion as like the Congress in future. Now it is very difficult situation arrived before the Congress that Mr Rahul can’t save Congress in future. Mr. Rahul Gandhi has no merit of politics. Yes, If Mrs. Priyanka Gandhi Wadra may take charge of Congress supremo post; she may cover some damages of Congress party. But it is very difficult task for Congress that she will repeat the previous good condition of majority of Congress. In future, it always is running alliance Government. So, Mrs. Priyanka Gandhi also will play a role as leader of alliance Government and not one party Raj.
                Bureaucracy is the most important problem seen in the politics and it is faced by all the ruling parties. The Bureaucracy is controlled by the Brahmin-ism.  How can be broke to her! The successful result of every Government is totally depending on it. This is the big challenge before Mr. Modi too. But it is not easy to control it. She is very powerful machinery. Only Ms. Mayawati found to be very successful in Utter Pradesh in her regime and no one else. If Mr. Modi and Ms. Mayawati may join their hands in central, and Ms. Mayawati may join as “Dy. Prime Minister,” there will chances of different result and it may be possible to control on bureaucracy.  There will chance to another benefit of Ms. Mayawati that she is a national leader of oppressed society. There will be possibility for Modi to get her power, if they join to gather. Mr. Modi have a lot of merit seen in the coming election. He has shown his merit of good commander, good orator, good manager, and good planner. There is need of Good man. If he follows the principle of good man, he will be seen good politician. I am not saying that, Mr. Modi is an Ideal politician. He seems to very powerful non –Brahmin national political leader and may be very seen powerful PM as compared to all the past MP of India.
                The future of Ms. Mayawati’s BSP and Mr. Arvind Kejariwal’s AAP will be prosperous, if they have to change their current policies. Ms. Mayawati should have to return back to BSP’s old pattern and to follow the Late Mr. Kashiram’s political policies. She has to give priorities for spreading cadre base ideology. She has to think on slow movement and future effective plan as like Kanshiram. Don’t be run fast. Due to Mayawati’s fast running, Mr. Arvind’s AAP has damaged the BSP in Delhi as well as UP and other states. Most of devoted BSP cadres are seen to be working with AAP or tie his knot with other political parties. She should have to contact with them for the prosperity of society as well as political party. Ms Mayawati has taken lot of enjoyment of political power. Now you have to work for Ambedkarite society. AAP party may be achieve short result in coming Lok Sabha election, but it is the great achievement in the history that a single bureaucrat can change history of politics in very short period. Nobody can ignore these efforts of Mr. Arvind and his team. But lot of decisions of Mr. Arvind had seen to be wrong. Lot of leaders has joined AAP party and resigned too. This is not the good symbol of politics. Now, Mr. Arvind, you should learn the pattern of politics and to select good politicians for spreading of AAP in future politics.
                At last, the most important issue is to create spirit of “Nationalism or India-ism” to Indian mass people. There will be no scope for Hindu Nationalism, Buddhist Nationalism, Islam Nationalism, Christianity Nationalism, State Nationalism, Language Nationalism, and Region Nationalism and so on. If Mr. Modi will get success to create nationalism spirit to Indians, nobody will stop to him as ruler for next ten years. One more issue is to work for building the “Nation” and not the “Country.”

*** Dr. Milind P. Jiwane      
National Chairman                          
Civil Rights Protection Cell           

*** Mr. Narendra Modi will be a non-Brahmin powerful Prime Ministerial candidate of BJP ... By- Dr. Milind Jiwane

Mr. Narendra Modi will be a Non-Brahmin powerful Prime Ministerial candidate of BJP…..

                Especially the Indian politics run circle in the Brahman or upper caste category. The population of upper caste is very less but they ruling on major class “Bahujan Society.” They applied “Divide and Rule” policy of English Raj. There are existing different types of political parties keeping with different ideology. But its controlling authority seems to be their hand in different way. From August 1947, we entered on different types of slavery under controlled by Black English person in place of white men.
                The history of appointment of Prime Ministerial Posting is circled on Brahmin or upper caste category. Its history was broken by Hon. V P Singh. But He could not rule for 5 years or not completed his full tenure. It is due to the Brahmin’s cunning policy or we can say “Brahmin Kut Neeti.”  This cunning policy did not permit the appointment of Prime Minister posting to Mr. Jag Jeewan Ram, it is because of he belonged to Scheduled Caste category. It means either Congress or BJP or Communist or Aam Adami Party is following the same mentality. Only its face is seem to be different one.
                Now it’s wonderful history of RSS or Brahmanism, who declared a Non-Brahmin Prime Ministerial candidate’s name of Mr. Narendra Modi in their own political party. Why so …! This is the big question before us.   But Mr. Narendra Modi is seems to be very powerful non-Brahmin candidate than any other Brahmin leaders as like Mr. Atal Bihari Bajpeyi or anyone else. In future, Mr. Modi may be head ache for them. Why RSS permitted non-Brahmin candidates for the appointment of PM or it is “Brahmin’s Kut Neeti” to reach on a goal of 272. After achieving their goal, they may side track to Mr. Modi as per their cunning politics or finish him as like Mh. Gandhi. After getting independence, these mentalities finished Mh. Gandhi because they did not need his more services in future.
                It is not very easy path for Mr. Narendra Modi to reach on “RaJ Sinhasan” or King posting. Someone saying Congress Raj is better than BJP. They worried about powerful campaign of BJP or Mr. Narendra Modi. Both the political parties are in the same mentality. Congress is showing their liberal face on other hand BJP is showing their rigid hand. In Hindi, it is good word for them. i.e. “Hamam me sab nange hai.” I think, Mr. Modi is seemed to be very bold, daring, challengeable personality than any other past PM. I am not saying, he will good or Ideal PM. My submission is Mr. Rahul Gandhi, Mr. Arvind Kejariwal or Mr. Narendra Modi is the same mentality leaders, who are not helpful or useful for the welfare of common men. Today’s politics is a bargaining politics as like the prost. These so called Leaders acting as a “Prost” in the prostitution politics.
                Friends, why so….  Because we are not aware or not performing our duties. We should follow our duty honestly; nobody will make us fool or “Ullu.”  Not to run blindly before them or follow them. We must ask our rights to them. We should follow the spirit of “Nationalism or India-ism” for welfare of our nation. We expect India as a “Nation” and not country. 

*** Dr. Milind P. Jiwane
National Chairman                                                                                
Civil Rights Protection Cell           

* Indian in-visionary Political Leaders and their dirty politics..... By- Dr. Milind Jiwane

Indian Political Leaders and their parties are un-planners, un-visionary, corrupt minded & their selection as like RPI Leader Mr. Ramdas Athawale, who seems to be Joker & Not Parliamentarian in the Indian Politics…..

                I think, Indian political parties and their political leaders are not seemed to be good visionary parliamentarians in the Indian politics. They don’t have common vision, sense & thinking. i.e. How to chose the politician candidates.  They decide the merit of the candidates on the basis of Caste factors, relation factors, region factors etc.  Due to these cause, we could not make proper progress of nation as compared to developed nation.  It never seen the discussion in the parliament or in the assemblies seriously, responsibility thinking, well planning level etc.  Not seen the good governance. They chose a joker type candidate as like RPI leader Mr. Ramdas Athwale or other too. Not needed to disclose their names here. Only need to make self thinking of “Work Valuation” of their work for the nation building.
                RPI’s Mr. Ramdas Athawale is seen in the parliament as like joker. He has no common sense about how to speak, which subject should be discussed in there. Even though, he bargains with the political parties for getting some pieces of bread of political seat. He seems to big beggar of oppressed society because he is not Buddhist. Original Buddhists never beg before anyone else. Really there will be need of Mr. Ramdas in the circus for making entertainment of the people and not in the parliament. Then, why political parties run before Mr. Ramdas. There is seen caste based politics. No merit needed. But I think, this political leader does not have merit choosing the merit candidates. They suffered from caste based night blindness disease.
                Actually, Mr. Ramdas is the only example here. There are so many Ramdas sitting in the parliament or in the assemblies in the different parties.  What are their merits?  Their merit will be only Caste, Money, Muscle, Corruption etc...  There is no place for a such a candidates who holding  honesty, dedicated, devoted, well planner, decision maker, good manager, good commander, well thinker etc. character.  Then how can we make the progress of our nation. There is no proper visionary ruling party seen even the opposition party too.
                Every party speaks more about the nation building and development. But their result will be nil. There is need of practical actions and not the oral one. Everyone is seemed to be selfish. It is why, India’s name seen in the list of corrupt and backward countries. Our well qualified and experience candidates are giving their services for the foreign countries. These qualified persons getting necessary facilities in there. Good political visionaries could not give their services; it is due to these “Goonda Raj.”   These brainless politicians are playing the role in the “Debate House” for getting the benefits for themselves and their parties in India.  They making Naga-Nach & Goonda Gardi  in there.  Is this our Indian culture? Can we expect such actions from our so called Nationalistic Organizations, those who stand back with these leaders?  These so called Nationalistic Organizations are also responsible for Indian un-development, because these are the only backbone of these political corrupters. They never present their “True and Proper Face” before the media and presenting their mirror face. It is the duty of the media to focus their false face. Because the only media is seem to be strong power, which can play the role of focusing for the nation building. But very less media are doing the job. And this is the need.
                Each and every person, they should have to change their caste based mentality.           They think for nation building and development. Even political parties should leave their caste spirit politics. Not to spread Caste, religion, and region likes game of politics even to form the political parties. There will be need to dissolve all the caste, religion, region based political parties and to form only two political parties namely.  i.e. National Party and Democratic Party. Everyone interested person, those who want to contest election for only nation building & development. Yes, everyone have to show, their Property audit every year to public openly. If anyone found guilty, he should be heavy punished by law. It is seem to be dream. But other options also can be offered from the public. There is question of honesty, transparency, dedication, and devotion etc. mentality plantation.  How it can be planed and implemented and who will take its initiative.

*** Dr. Milind Jiwane 
National Chairman
Civil Rights Protection Cell

*** Nationalism should be the only feelings for Nation Building ...... By- Dr. Milind Jiwane

Nationalism should be the only feelings for Nation-Building…..

                Rashtra Dharma Kirtan Mahotsava’s series of five nationalistic kirtans began on Sunday at Chitnis Park, Nagpur. At the inaugural ceremony Jitendranath Maharaj , Peethadish of Shri  Devnath Math, Anjangaon Surji said that, “ In Indian culture, Almighty  & Nation are no difference concept. We worship of our nation as God making nation-building the only religion for Indians. This religion is beyond any other philosophy proposed by any prophet or messenger of God. This religion is “Rashtra Dharma” taught to us by our great civilization.” Further he said,” India is the only country for Hindus. A young leading figure of Hindu Nationalism. The concept of being secular never means being atheist. Secularism should mean treating all religions similar which is the first and foremost principle of Hinduism. He should always keep national interest in Priority.”
                On the second day, Hindu Dharma Bhushan Bharat Buwa Ramdasi delivering the kirtan and said,” India boasts on being Independence democratic. But this freedom should not be taken as a license for irresponsible behavior. Chhatrapati Shiwaji  Maharaj’s rule was the golden period of History because on the principles of dignity for women and respect for all religions with priority to state’s welfare. Today, woman is being abused even into the mother’s womb. Our rulers are ready to keep national security and interest on the lines to appease rich nations and section of society. This will lead us to the never before moral degradation. To stop this, we need to understand and implement the concept of “Surajya” of Chhatrapati Shiwaji.”
                The important news is that, it is organized by Kirtan Mahotsava Samilti & Radha Govind Charitable Trust and its organizers and participators are orthodoxy Hindus namely Ex- Rashtra Sevika Samilti’s Smt. Pramila Mendhe, Shripad Risaldar, Didambar Buwa Naik, which are related with RSS. The second day kirtan of Hindu Dharma Bhushan Bharat Buwa Ramdasi is more nationalistic than first one. In first day kirtan of Jitendranath Maharaj , Peethadish of Shri  Devnath Math, Anjangaon Surji  is found to be religious based  and Hinduistic. The question is why they organized such a ceremony..? Yes, if these Kirtankar and our other religious preachers may deliver their “National Spirit Speeches” in place of their “Religious Based Speeches,” so it will be created “National Spirit” and we may respect our “Constitution of India, National Flag, National Anthem, and National Monuments etc.”
                I am quoting another statement of RSS Chief Dr Mohan Bhagwat on concluding ceremony of Sankalpa Mahashivir at Vijay Nagar, Madhya Pradesh is that, developing the spirit of Atma Darshan (Self introspection) amongst the Hindu is the only mission of RSS. Sangha never looks for ‘Shakti Pradarshan’ (Showing strength) but it works only to make people aware of their responsibilities towards their culture and country. RSS is not against any caste or religion but it will never tolerate attack on its dignity. Entire work of sangha is based on promoting Indian culture of ‘Vasudeva Kutumbakam.’ Terming India as ‘Maha Shakti’ (Super Power) is not appropriate as it always works as ‘Vishwa Guru’ for showing path of ‘Sanatan Dharma’ to entire world. Further he said, ‘Sanatan Sanskriti’ is the strength of Hinduism that is still operating the country. Unity amongst Hindus is the only way for overall development and strength of nation.”
                First it is good symbol that, RSS or Orthodoxy Hindus thinking on nation-building. But it is very dangerous situation occurred before the nation, if they will introduce “Hindu Nationalism” or Sanatan Sanskriti etc……  Can they expect Buddhist Nationalism, Christian Nationalism, Janis Nationalism, Islam Nationalism and Tribal Nationalism etc…..? Or State nationalism, language nationalism, Culture Nationalism …..? Is it helpful for Nation-Building?  Can it possible to unite all the Indians on one platform? Will they create Nation Feeling to all Indians by keeping the stick of separation vision, negativity, thoughts or actions..? 
                Religion may be helpful for the man carrier or those who worship the God, it is their personal thinking. Means Religion or worshiping God should be applied for the personal practical life by the interesting person. It is their personal rights. I don’t want to comment it here. Regarding culture, it is found in different types in India.  If it is linked with “Nationalism or India-ism”, it may be seen very complicated issue and it will be cause of speed broker for nation development.  Hindu religion not a national religion in India or not any chance in future too. Only Nepal was Hindu country. But their government has done the constitution amendment. Now there is no national religion. “Good Governance issue is concerned, “it is found only in Buddhist regime and not in the Hindu regime. One more issue, I am presenting that to propagate proper history and not the false one. 
                Why I am saying this…..?  Man is a social animal. Every one political ruler rule on the people or man and not on the religion, God, forest animals etc…  means  a government of the people, for the people and by the people. When any Orthodoxy organizations may introduce or propagate their religious based impact and the people found to be separated each other, how they can maintain “Peace, Prosperity etc…” If they fight or war between them, can it is possible to maintain “Fraternity or Friendship or love….” If the said situation is found to be continued, who will live in secure? One question is putting before you that you want to follow “Buddha or Yuddha(War).”
At last, I am quoting Dr Ambedkar’s Constituent Debate speech of November 26, 1949, “But my mind is so full of the future of our country that I feel I ought to take this occasion to give expression to some of my reflections thereon. On 26th January 1950, India will be an independent country (Cheers). What would happen to her independence? Will she maintain her independence or will she lose it again? This is the first thought that comes to my mind. It is not that India was never an independent country. The point is that she once lost the independence she had. Will she lost it a second time? It is this thought which makes me most anxious for the future. What perturbs me greatly is the fact that not only India has once before lost her independence, but she lost it by the infidelity and treachery of some of her own people. In the invasion of Sind by Mahommed-Bin-Kasim, the military commanders of King Dahar accepted bribes from the agents of Mahommed-Bin-Kasim and refused to fight on the side of their King. It was Jaichand who invited Mahommed Gohri to invade India and fight against Prithvi Raj and promised him the help of himself and the Solanki Kings. When Shivaji was fighting for the liberation of Hindus, the other Maratha noblemen and the Rajput Kings were fighting the battle on the side of Moghul Emperors. When the British were trying to destroy the Sikh Rulers, Gulab Singh, their principal commander sat silent and did not help to save the Sikh Kingdom. In 1857, when a large part of India had declared a war of independence against the British, the Sikhs stood and watched the event as silent spectators.
Will history repeat itself? It is this thought which fills me with anxiety. This anxiety is deepened by the realization of the fact that in addition to our old enemies in the form of castes and creeds we are going to have many political parties with diverse and opposing political creeds. Will Indian place the country above their creed or will they place creed above country? I do not know. But this much is certain that if the parties place creed above country, our independence will be put in jeopardy a second time and probably be lost forever. This eventuality we must all resolutely guard against. We must be determined to defend our independence with the last drop of our blood.(Cheers)”