Wednesday, 9 September 2015

International Buddhist Conference will be held at Nagpur (India).

// An Appeal //
We are pleased to inform you that The Buddhist Society of India has been made vast discussion along with Society trustees and experts and after a long discussion even study on the different issues as like the problems of Buddhists & its remedies, problems of Buddhist women & its remedies, Mission Buddhist India, contribution of Bodhisatva Dr. Ambedkar for Nation Building, Human Development & its perspective , Global Peace and so on. they plan to organize “1st World Buddhist Women Conference 2015 & 1st International Buddhists Conference 2015” at Nagpur (India) on October 20-21, 2015. Nagpur is an ancient holy Buddhist place of ancient Buddhist people and a place where Bodhisatva Dr. Ambedkar accepted Buddhism on October 14, 1956.
Bodhisatva Dr. Ambedkar always expected the dream of Buddhist India for planting Buddha’s patriotism, love, friendship, brotherhood as like the principles for making India as Super Power Nation. As India is suffering from different caste, creed, and inequality thinking as like the mentality. Even the whole world is facing terrorism, hetaerism as like the issues, which are causes of disturbing global peace. So there is seen the endless discussion of “To need Yuddha (War) or Buddha.” For making the concrete solution as like the issues we are planning to make International Buddhist Conference at Nagpur on October 20-21, 2015, where we make the vast discussion with International scholars, intellectuals, researchers’ etc personalities on these burning issues and will present some remedies too before the nations. Our theme “World Buddhist Unity For Global Peace” is showing the step towards planting humanity, nation development, peace and happiness as like this.
• 1st World Buddhist Women Conference 2015
On Tuesday 20th October 2015
• Theme : World Buddhist Unity For Global Peace.
• Sub Theme :
• First Session : The Role of Buddhist Women for making Buddhist India.
• Second Session : Problems of Buddhist Women & Other Women and its Remedies.
• Third session : The Buddha and Dr. Ambedkar’s Role for the Development of Indian Women.
• 1st International Buddhist Conference 2015
On Tuesday 20th October 2015
• Theme : World Buddhist Unity For Global Peace.
• Sub Theme :
• First Session : Mission Buddhist India & its need, how it will be made possible.
• Second Session : Buddhist Women & her liberty and responsibility.
• Third session : Dr. Ambedkar' vision of formation of the Buddhist Society of India , its need and spreading in grass root
• Fourth Session : Open Session
In reference of the above theme, we will expect research papers from experts, intellectuals, scholars , thinkers and researchers on large scale and they participate in this conference for giving their contribution for planting global peace and development on or before September 30, 2015 either Hindi or English on the following emails.
Or they may contact with us on following addresses or mobile numbers.
• Hon. Chandrabodhi Patil , 94, New Bank Colony, Narsala Road, Nagpur 440034 Mob. 9420713213
• Dr. Milind Jiwane , Jeewak society Premises, Naya Nakasha, Opp. Swastik School, Nagpur 440017 Mob. 9370984138
• Hon. Shankar Dhengre , Barse Nagar, Near Bheem Jyoti Buddha Vihar, Nagpur Mob. 9422119445

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Film Star Visited Jeewak Society Office Nagpur.

*** Film star Gagan Malik accepted Buddhism in Srilanka...... Film star Gagan Malik , who playing a role of Siddharth in Srilankan Movie "Siri Siddharth Gautama" which is seen in popular at Srilanka. After that it is dubbed in Hindi and its premier show will be organized at IONOX Theatre , Indora Chow, Nagpur on October 23, 2015 at 11 AM. For the premier show, there may be possibility to attend H.E. President of Srilanka Hon. Maitripala Sirisena, Princess of Thialand H.R.E. Dr. Mom Luang , Film star himself Gagan Malik, Manisha Koirala, Anshu Singha etc. personalities. After playing role of Siddhartha, he was influenced on Buddhism and accepted at Srilanka. Just he visited Nagpur and along with Hon. Chandrabodhi Patil, Nitin Gajbhiye, Shankar Dhengre he has given his visit to Jeewak Society office, where president of Jeewak Welfare Society Dr. Milind Jiwane, Mrs. Vandana Jiwane welcomed him and garlanding by lot of activists in there...

Film star Gagan Malik visited at Jeewak Welfare Society Office and welcomed by Dr. Milind Jiwane and Mrs. Vandana Jiwane.

Film star Gagan Malik entering Jeewak Society Office Nagpur and welcomed by Dr. Milind Jiwane & Mrs. Vandana Jiwane..

Dr. Milind Jiwane , Mrs. Vandana Jiwane & Alex along with Film star Gagan Malik & Chandrabodhi Patil (National President of The Buddhist Society of India) at Jeewak Welfare Society Office Nagpur

Film star Gagan Malik & Chandrabodhi Patil (National President of The Buddhist Society of India) taking dinner at Jeewak Welfare Society Office Nagpur....

Film star Gagan Malik along with Buddhist Activists at Jeewak Society Office Nagpur...